Moon Tribe Yoga is fabulous I wouldn't hesitate to recomend Tanya's 
Classes. The studio is beautiful and calming with great up to date equipment
and lovely art and candles to get you in the mood. The classes hit the perfect balance for challenge, technique and relaxation.
I wouldn't miss a term!

Melissa, 2017

Tanya is a warm and approachable teacher. She creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere which is conducive to before class chatting for those so inclined, but which during class also fosters the inner silence and focus I am seeking in my practice. Having practised yoga for two decades, I spent the first couple of classes wanting a stronger 'work-out'. I soon, however, noticed the powerful effects of the restorative elements she includes in her classes, such as increased flexibility, energy, and general good feeling in my body. Being on a fertility journey can make the body a hard place to live, and Tanya's class has been an anchor point in my week. I looked forward to the class as it approached, and I enjoyed the benefits for days afterwards. The gentle support of other women in the class has also been fostered beautifully by Tanya - never intrusive but always gentle and kind. Tanya has remarkable skills in devising classes which target the needs of women on a fertility journey. Now, however, I think that all women would benefit from her classes.


December 2015


...I have a few serious health issues and related fertility issues.  I thought this would be perfect for me and it was!  Tanya’s class was so gentle, relaxing and I learnt new ways to cope with stress and anxiety.  I used the time to totally tune out of normal everyday stresses and came out of the class feeling like brand new!  Tanya is so gentle and caring and the classes are small so they are intimate and really focus on individual needs. I truly believe that stress relief, relaxation and taking time out for yourself helps with health and fertility management.  It’s not just another appointment in your diary, it’s a change of pace and forces time for you to relax & unwind and tune out of day to day stresses!  Please keep this class going for those in need of a little help.

Melinda, Boronia


I have thoughly enjoyed my yoga course. The relaxation is just what I need during this difficult time and Tanya is just lovely. 

October 2015


I'm so glad to have joined the class. It has significantly reduced my stress levels. The environment is very calming. I feel yoga is something I can do to help myself through this time.

October 2015


I wholeheartedly recommend the fertility yoga classes conducted by Tanya. All of Tanya’s classes were excellent; her voice is so relaxing and she explains all of the benefits associated with each yoga position from a fertility perspective. Each class was different and I learnt so much, particularly in relation to how to let go, which can be difficult with a toddler in tow and continued fertility issues. I was also able to utilise the techniques that I learnt in classes at home, which was wonderful. I am also happy to report that on finishing the fertility yoga program I was pregnant following an IVF cycle that I undertook while taking Tanya’s classes. Wonderful classes and an amazing teacher!

Thank you Tanya :) 



I found the the tailored yoga class for fertility really beneficial. I felt a sense of connectedness through the small group of women, whether they were undergoing fertility treatments or not - our combined desire to have children was palpable and reassuring. The hour a week taught me how to connect with my natural cycle to increase my chances of conceiving.  Tanya was incredibly sensitive to each of the group members circumstances to get the best out of each session.  The anxiety of trying to conceive melted away for (at least) an hour a week. I would highly recommend the class to any woman to boost her fertility. 

Again, thank you for your time during the classes. You’ll be pleased to know that I am currently very early into pregnancy #4. I’m praying that this time things will be different for my rainbow baby. Very anxious couple of weeks coming up, I’ll be sure to tap into my yoga Kindest regards,



I can honeslty say that I love Tanya's classes. The calm and centredness I feel last much longer than the few hours after class. The sense of wellbeing is sustained throughout the week. My stress levels are noticeably lower and I feel so much more resilient. Tanya's classes have helped me look to the stars while keeping my feet firmly on the ground.

October 2015


I really look forward to the class all week. I find comfort knowing the other women around me are going through the same thing.

October 2015


I already had one son, whom took a year of ad hoc trying to conceive. We wanted a second child with as small a gap as possible between them. We were elated then when we discovered that when our first born was 8 months we were pregnant. Unfortunately we lost that baby and tried for another year only to have another miscarriage. Months again started to pass me by.

Watching and reading about all my friends, family, mothers group and other mums at organised activities appear to effortfully conceive, grow and deliver their babies was disheartening and painful. I was staying positive, trying to be relaxed and spontaneous. Yet I was fixated on monitoring my monthly circle to the point of obsession. I needed to stop thinking about it! Yoga! That was the answer. I had practiced prior to children and loved everything it.

It was so nice to be in a room full of women who were in the same position as me. The yoga was peaceful, gentle and nurturing for my overworked body and mind and was a welcome relief. I could feel myself completely succumbing into every pose and enjoy just being in the moment. We worked on breathing techniques, meditation and poses that were considerate of where we were in our cycles. Our Erlinda yoga instructor Tanya was an excellent teacher and guided us effortlessly through the session with a soft voice and tender manner. I would drive home feeling like I glowed with a feeling of contentment that I had done something special my my mind, body and soul.

However I’m happy to say that I didn’t finish the course because after 4 weeks I discovered I was pregnant! I am now 34 weeks and expecting Nov 2014.



I love coming to yoga classes with Tanya. She is super friendly and a fabulous instructor. I always feel so relaxed during class and when I leave.

October 2015 


Anyone looking to start or continue yoga, at any level of experience, I can highly recommend Moon Tribe Yoga! Tegan


Went to Moon Tribe Yoga for a morning class yesterday, great class Tanya, if you are looking for gentle but powerful yoga class this is the place to go! Tanya knows exactly how to bring you into your femininity and your inner power. Erlinda


I can highly recommend the Fertility Yoga class to anyone struggling to conceive. Tanya is so compassionate and always happy to listen to our stories and concerns. The class is so gentle and calming and Tanya has also created a beautiful/comfortable environment for us to enjoy! Can't wait for the next 8 week course. Thank you Tanya!! — at Croydon.