About Moon Tribe Yoga

Moon Tribe Yoga has a wonderful community of practitioners of all ages. We offer yoga to support you where ever you are at in life.


About me


Moon Tribe yoga is owned and run by myself, Tanya Neate. I am a qualified yoga therapist with a special interest in women’s health and have been supporting women through various stages of their lives since 2013. 

I believe yoga is such a powerful source of nourishment, it replenishes our energy, balances our polarities and reconnects us to our own innate strength. The scope of a yoga's ability to heal and enrich us will see me studying forever!

I am a highly qualified yoga teacher and immerse myself in continuous training to stay up to date with the mental and physical guidance yoga offers. My areas of speciality include qualifications and training in yoga for fertility, prenatal yoga, postnatal and yoga for women’s health. 


Yoga changed my life for the better and it started with just one class a week. As a yoga teacher, I now see this time and time again. During their time with us, our students begin to slowly transform. The more they practice, the greater the transformation, and the wonderful part is this happens organically. The joy of my work is to witness a student walk into the class perhaps stressed, tired, or anxious, then to see them leave feeling lighter and looking brighter, refreshed to continue their lives with a renewed strength.

I am passionate about the magic of yoga and its ability to transform the lives of those who take this path. I'm especially interested in the powerful effect yoga has to enrich the lives of women, rebalancing women’s health not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. 

The power of yoga to support women dealing with fertility challenges began as a personal practice and has evolved over the years to supporting women in group classes, private sessions and training yoga teachers to work in this specialised area. I have had the privilege of working with so many women during this challenging time in their lives and have learnt a great deal from them.  


I am a registered member of Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance International, and a registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, you may be eligible for a rebate from your health Fund. Please check with your health fund.

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