Moon Tribe Yoga specialises in yoga therapy and group classes for physical, mental and emotional health. 


Step away from the demands of daily life, leave all distractions behind and connect with your mind, body and soul through yoga.

Moon Tribe Yoga

Yoga is a powerful practise, especially when a student understands what they are doing and why they are doing it. To experience its true benefits your practice needs to evolve throughout your life to support your changing needs. This is why classes at Moon Tribe Yoga are informative and specially designed to support you as an individual and your unique needs.


Moon Tribe Yoga focuses on the connection between the mind, body and breath to encourage mindfulness and a greater understanding and compassion for the beauty of our true essence. It is from this place of deep connection with our higher self that we practice our yoga.

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Each class incorporates breath work, yoga postures, meditation, visualisation and relaxation techniques to: 

• Ease away tension

• Relax the mind

• Enhance your vitality

• Replenish your feminine energy

• Restore balance and health to your mind, body and spirit


Classes are kept small to allow for individual attention.
During our time together, you will learn what is appropriate for your needs so that you can confidently develop a safe and enriching home practice. 


We practice yoga in an atmosphere of joy for what we are doing, curiosity for where we are at and kindness towards the friends we are making. Our greatest wish is that at the end of each class you will leave feeling relaxed, restored and renewed.


This is what some of our clients have said about Moon Tribe Yoga.

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Moon Tribe Yoga is fabulous I wouldn't hesitate to recomend Tanya's Classes. The studio is beautiful and calming with great up to date equipment and lovely art and candles to get you in the mood. The classes hit the perfect balance for challenge, technique and relaxation.
I wouldn't miss a term!

Melissa, 2017